Registered Retrainers

Are you interested in becoming a HERO Registered Retrainer?

Please consider the following to assess whether you are eligible to apply:-

You must commit to the HERO Program for a minimum of 12 months.

You must have the time and financial capabilities to participate.

You must have the skills and experience to re-educate an off the track Standardbred to the HERO Minimum Retraining Standards and attend an interview & assessment

You must provide a Certificate of Currency confirming Public Liability Insurance coverage of at least $10 million.

Once you commit to a HERO horse, you are required to see it through to fruition – ie fully re-educated to HERO Minimum Retraining Standards and rehomed – within four calendar months (unless the horse is deemed unsuitable for retraining and returned to its racing owner OR an application for Special Consideration is made to the HERO Manager).

You must take the next available horse on the HERO register, allocated by the HERO Manager.

You cannot stipulate requirements such as height, age, colour or sex.

You must maintain regular contact and consult with the HERO Manager in the first instance should difficulties of any nature arise.

You must be able to recognise and identify soreness and health issues and always use appropriately fitting gear and equipment.

You must be able to recognise behavioural issues and resolve them in an acceptable and effective manner or if unsure, seek appropriate advice.

You must be committed to producing a consistent and reliable product, in turn building and maintaining the highest possible standards for the HERO Program.

As a HERO Registered Retrainer you are at all times an ambassador for the Program, including while out in public and commenting on social media.

The welfare of HERO horses is never compromised; the integrity of the HERO brand is always protected.

Never criticise in any forum the care afforded to a HERO horse by its racing owner and/or trainer.

Never criticise in any forum the HERO Program or another HERO Registered Retrainer.

HERO is not a rescue and HERO horses must never be referred to as having been “rescued”.

Potential new owners must be offered the opportunity to have a horse assessed by a registered veterinarian prior to purchase.

HERO horses are not sold to any purchaser sight unseen.

You must be able to assess a rider’s nature and capabilities and strive to match horses and riders appropriately. More than one visit is required prior to a sale.

Purchasers must complete a HERO Contract of Sale.

You must remain in contact with the new owners and provide follow up support and advice as required.

You must take personal responsibility in the event of an unsuccessful match, and act without disrepute on behalf of HERO to resolve the issue.

Completion paperwork must be returned to the HERO Manager in PDF format via email or as a hardcopy via mail within seven days of a horse’s sale.

HERO Registered Retrainers must wear a helmet meeting current Australian Standards at all times when riding.

All activities, events and sponsorships under the HERO banner must be approved by the HERO Manager in advance.

HERO Registered Retrainers cannot speak to the media on behalf of the Program unless authorised by the HERO Manager.

HERO Registered Retrainers are required to attend 4 x one day Re-trainer Clinics (dates to be advised in advance) annually to learn new skills and share knowledge.

Retrainer Registration is reviewed annually.

HERO reserves the right to revoke a Retrainer Registration immediately if any of the above conditions are breached. 

Please email for an Expression Of Interest Form if you are interested in becoming a HERO Registered Retrainer.