Racing Trainers

Thank you for considering HERO as a life after racing option for your retired Standardbred.

The following information is provided to assist in determining whether HERO is right for your needs:-

Horses are added to the HERO Register once their entry paperwork (HERO Application Form and HRA Deregistration Form) has been received and approved.

HERO does not discriminate based on race performance or appearance, however, horses must be of sound mind and body.

HERO horses remain in the care of their racing owner until a placement becomes available.

It is the racing owner’s responsibility to deliver the horse to HERO or cover the cost of transportation.

Priority is given to horses which are coming directly out of racing/race training.

Broodmares will only be accepted up to the age of 12.

HERO does not accept colts or stallions.

HERO does not accept Standardbreds which have previously been rehomed outside of racing.

HERO horses are donated to the Program. No payment is made.

Horses must have at least four weeks to let down before commencing HERO retraining.

Horses must be paddock sound before joining HERO.

Horses must be in good physical condition, up to date with worming and have tidy feet.

All HERO horses are deregistered for racing and breeding purposes.

Any known injury or health issues must be disclosed via the HERO Application Form.

You may seek alternate opportunities while your horse is awaiting a HERO placement but must advise if it is rehomed elsewhere so it can be removed from the Waiting List.

Horses placed with a HERO Registered Retrainer but subsequently deemed to be unsuitable for re-education due to physical or mental unsoundness will be returned to the racing owner at the racing owner’s expense. 

If you would like to make a retired Standardbred available for placement via the HERO Program, please email for an Application Form or Ph 0407 413 156 during business hours.