Stage One

Stage One

HERO met Tiz A Masterpiece at Alabar’s Echuca stud on June 13 to undertake an initial temperament and body assessment.

The 11-year-old was gelded four weeks prior and had recovered exceptionally well from the surgery which went without incident.

Tiz is a very friendly, inquisitive horse who seems to genuinely enjoy human company.

He was a little impatient on the ground but showed no concerning behaviours – indeed his manners while being treated were very good.

For a horse coming directly out of stallion service, he really was quite impeccable.

Considering he is unrugged and in paddock condition, he looked particularly well and his movement during a play in the paddock was gorgeous.

HERO sponsor Erin White of Erin’s Equine Services undertook a complete body assessment, using a new Acugraph technology together with Bioscan red and infrared therapy.

Assessment showed that Tiz is in very good condition with no obvious external signs of racing or stud injuries.

What it did show, however, was imbalances throughout his energetic pathways and chi energy levels, which is common.

Overall Erin was very happy with his calm temperament and attitude and commented that Tiz is in great order.

Moving forward she will concentrate on rebalancing those energic pathways (meridians) to encourage his body to make better use of the feed he gets, and the work he will undertake in his re-education and new life as a gelding.