Graeme & Len Maher

We cannot speak highly enough of the HERO Program.

We had two very handy ex racing trotters we wished to find a good home for.

Tanya McDermott was excellent in her approach to the program, listening to our wishes for their futures and ensuring us she would do her best to find them suitable homes.

One horse was found an excellent home, without any retraining being required, with a buggy enthusiast who keeps in contact with us regularly with photos and news of his “new life”.

The other horse went to Amy Tubbs for retraining and she was also amazing, updating us regularly on his progress and showing exceptional care with selecting a good home for him.

That new owner has also been in contact with us in regards to his progress.

Without this program it would have been extremely difficult for us to find such good new homes for these horses and it has given us great peace of mind knowing they are continuing a useful life after racing in new circumstances.

Our gratitude goes to the HERO Program.


Graeme & Len Maher